About Mark

Pure Musician

Music is life.

Mark Huzar, New Hampshire, New York Musician.Whatever your musical needs are, Mark Huzar has probably already done it. Acoustic solo performances, Acoustic duo, Full electric band, or guest musician filling in for other bands. When he’s not making music, he spends his time repairing instruments of all kinds and is a highly skilled technician. He can also be found snowboarding, riding his motorcycles and cooking some fantastic dishes. Mark Huzar is a bandleader, singer/songwriter/solo performer and instrumentalist specializing in guitar and bass guitar.

“I’ve been influenced by music from all over this world. I really don’t subscribe to putting a label on music, I think that limits the possibilities of what a musician can express… In other words, play what you feel.”

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The Collaborators

Artists and bands that Mark Huzar is currently associated with.

Tore Down House

Rock and Blues Power Trio

TDH-SquareTore Down House is a project led by Mark Huzar. The band currently consists of Mark Huzar on guitar/vocals, John Michaud on drums, JimmyHowe on bass/vocals. Click here for more information about the band and a list of tunes they play!

John Michaud


JohnMichaud_06132010tdh-24Mark and John have been friends forever. They collaborate together effortlessly and create unique and awesome music together! They have worked together on such projects as Amid the Ruins, Indelible Groove, and Tore Down House.

Yeah Guys


YeahGuys_IMG_0767_squareMark Huzar plays bass with Jeff Mrozek’s band the Yeah Guys and also plays some duo shows with Jeff Mrozek. For more information, visit www.jeffmrozek.com.

Ann Barden


Ann BardenLyricist Ann Barden and Mark Huzar have collaborated on a number of original songs that are soon to be released, but a few have already been in Mark’s Solo and TDH rotation for a while now with great response.