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HIPPO1032013Yes, we were mentioned again in the Hippo Press: New Hampshire Weekly Magazine article on 01/03/13.

Article written by Michael Witthaus:

“If there’s live music in a Manchester nightclub, there’s a distinct possibility that Paul Costley had something to do with it. He may be sitting at the drum kit or tapping on the congas the 37-year music veteran plays in two regular bands and sits in with a few others — but Costley has an even bigger role as an agent, booking a list of bands nearly as large as the music scene itself, big New Hampshire names like Mama Kicks, Eric Grant Band, Tore Down House, Groove Alliance and Gazpacho.”


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benefitExcerpt from article written by Michael Witthaus

A strong sense of justice guides Mark Huzar. It’s evident in the music he makes with Tore Down House, the band he formed in 2006 with friend and drummer John Michaud. One Huzar original, “American Farmer,” borrows a riff from the Allman Brothers’ “Every Hungry Woman.” However, the song’s refrain is not about love gone wrong, but about a world turned upside down. Pondering a family farm facing foreclosure, Huzar rails, “Mr. Banker, tell me ain’t you got no soul? Breaking my back in the hot sun trying to dig out of this hole.”

“I get so fed up with the world sometimes, that I have to say what I gotta say,” said Huzar in a recent phone interview. “People are getting thrown by the wayside, losing jobs — it’s terrible.”


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